Sam Ramsey & the Chosen Few
Seattle, Washington
1973 - 1978


Corky Bennett ~ Accordion, Piano
Pete Bellomo ~ Trumpet
Carson Michaels ~ Drums
Jim Mitchell ~ Drums
Sam Ramsey ~ Leader, Bass, Vocals
Ed Snyder ~ Hammond B3

There was a real good lounge group which I played in called "Sam Ramsey & the Chosen Few."  We performed at the SeaTac Hyatt and the Red Lion from 1973-1978.

I played accordion and piano, Ed Snyder on Hammond B-3, Carson Michaels or Jim Mitchell on drums, Pete Bellomo on trumpet, and our illustrious leader Sam Ramsey on bass and vocals.

Eddie Snyder and Pete Bellomo are still active in the Pacific Northwest music scene.

Corky Bennett, May 2010

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