Clockwise from left:  Dean, Bob, Bud, Lisa and Laurel
City Lights
Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1982


Jessi Bell ~ Congas, Vocals
Bob Brummel ~ Bass, Vocals
Laurel Mahar ~ Vocals
Norma Martinez ~ Vocals
Carl (Bud) Maxwell ~ Drums
Kyle Naughton ~ Keyboards
Dave Press ~ Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Dean Richie ~ Guitar, Vocals

Top: Bob and Carl
Bottom:  Kyle, Dean & Jessi

The original members of City Lights were myself on lead guitar and vocals, Bob Brummel (bass, vocals), Kyle Naughton (keyboards), Carl (Bud) Maxwell (drums), and Jessi Bell (vocals, congas).

We played a lot of "freebies" at places like the Northwest Center for the Retarded, the Cerebral Palsy Center, etc. We also worked at The Stampede Tavern (formerly The Camelot) in Lake City, The Holiday Inn in Ellensburg, and other hotel gigs around the Northwest.

The group went through some personnel changes later on and with the new members, we toured Alberta, Canada. We played in Lloydminster, Red Deer, Edmonton, etc. for a couple of weeks then returned to Seattle.  Later members of the group included Laurel Mahar (vocals), Norma Martinez (vocals), and Dave Press (bass, keyboards, vocals).

We did a lot of Top 40 and disco stuff in those days.  Clubs were closing all over the place because of the disco craze and it was hard to find gigs. So we adapted by doing what people wanted for a while. Then, we started to evolve into more of a lounge/rock type of group and played at the Hilton in Renton, Holiday Inn in Seattle, and other lounges around the area.

Dean Richie, February 2002

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