CIty Slicker - Photo by Tim Orden
Barry, Linda, Gary, Don
City Slicker
Tacoma, Washington

Don Singleton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Barry Torrence ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Gary Williams ~ Drums, Vocals
Linda Jo Burton ~ Bass

I will always remember when we got stuck in Billings, Montana for a week.  We camped out to save money and saw the Northern Lights.  It was really cool.

Barry Torrence, November 2006

Gary  and Linda were, if not at the time, eventually married.  Linda was one of the rare breed of women bass players.

Gary had a strong voice, was in “Jax”, a group that rocked hard. Gary and Don were from Bremerton and were in  groups together there.

Tim Orden, November 2006

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Last Update:  7 December 2009
Credits:  Barry Torrence, Tim Orden, Jeff Grothe
Band # 2075