City Zu
Bellevue, Washington

Top:  Ron Foos, Mike Cox, Mike Garland, Brad Miller
Bottom:  Jerry "Zu" Matheson

Seated:  Brad Miller and Ron Foos
Standing:  Ric Ulsky,  Jerry "Zu" Matheson, Dave McKibbin, and Dave Roland

Notes About City Zu

Ric Ulsky was and still is one of the best Hammond B-3 keyboard players on the West coast and beyond.  I have a love for the Hammond.  Rick also went on to play with the world famous band "The Association" and then on to play with Chuck Berry along with many, many others in his days down in LA...

Ron Foos, 11 Oct 2000.
(Webmaster note:  Ric's amazing keyboard style can now be heard if you listen to Smokin' Gun).

Dave Roland is a bass player's dream to work with.  His meter is accurate and unfaltering as any metronome, and yes, you can set your watch by him!  Plus, he is just a darn fine human being.  It's like he is the last of the old master craftsmen who did things right ...

Ron Foos, August 2000

Dave McKibbin is a fine guitar player and nice guy from the N.W.  He played in the Zu for a good stretch of time too...

Ron Foos, 12 Oct 2000

A tid bit of boring little known music facts is: I was the lead guitar player for the City Zu (as well as the bass player), but not at the same time.  In 1968 I "filled in" for Doug Heath on lead guitar while he took a year's leave of absence. I said "Doug, I am a bass player" and he said "Here I'llshow ya enough guitar to do my parts and you can fill in for me".  I said "NO WAY," then he said, "We have a hit record on the radio, we are playing major concerts & opening for every national band in the world, the gig is two nights a week and it pays $600.00 to 800.00 every weekend (this is in 1968)."   I said "when do I start!"  I was 17 years old, driving a new car to high school, playing in one of Seattle's top bands, money in my jeans and yes there were girls too, I discovered.   Later in 1974 he also got me the job with Paul Revere & the Raiders.   I owe him a lot! Life was good........and still is! ...

Ron Foos, 12 Oct 2000