Barry, Scott, Warren

Seattle, Washington
1975 - 1976


Barry Breen ~ Bass, 12-String, Vocals
Greg Kreider ~ Guitar, Vocals
Warren Payne ~ Guitar, Vocals
Scott Templeman ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Reggie Velozo ~ Drums

In Memory of

Greg Kreider
d:  27 February 2012

After the first Prophecy broke up, the drummer, keyboard player and myself joined up with Warren Payne, who had been performing solo for the Bob Williams agency. This band was named by me after a band I had known in college.  We were the house band at the NAS Whidbey officer's club through the spring of 1976. During spring-summer of 1976 we were booked into the Black Angus chain and, with Greg added as lead guitar, returned to NAS Whidbey a few more times.

Barry Breen, September 2002

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Last Update:  29 March 2012
Credits:  Barry Breen Barbara Kreider & Steve Wolfstone
Band # 987