Bands of the Great Pacific Northwest
The Coachmen - Spokane - in 1967 - Photo Courtesy of Doug Roberts
The Coachmen
Spokane, Washington
1961 - 1968


Bert Beatty ~ Bass
Duane Broyles ~ Drums
Frankie Deck ~ Guitar
DeWitt "Junior" Hantz ~  Guitar, Vocals
Alan Dietor ~ Drums
Chuck Hargrove ~ Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Rex Harrison ~ Guitar
Doug Roberts ~ Bass
Clarence "Scotty" Scott ~ Organ
David Winslow ~ Keyboards

Above is a band photo of the group from the subsequent line-up, from the years 1966 - 1968.  Band members shown are: Duane Broyles, drums (left); DeWitt "Junior" Hantz, guitar (center top); Clarence "Scotty" Scott, organ (center front); and Doug Roberts, bass (on the right).   The photo was taken in 1967.

Doug Roberts, May 2004

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Last Update: 10 March 2014
Credits:  Bert Beatty, Doug Roberts, Alan Dietor
Band # 1290