Bob, Mike, Jerry, Bill, Gary
Coin Operated
Tacoma, Washington
2003 - ?


Bill Anderson ~ Bass
Jho Blenis ~ Guitar
Dave Croston ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Dauer ~ Drums, Vocals, Harp
Shelly Ely ~ Vocals
Dylan England ~ Drums, Vocals
Bill Graham ~ Bass, Vocals
Bob Koch ~ Guitar
Jerry Miller ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Sarandos ~ Saxophone
Gary Tiedeman ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Jho Blenis  d:  31 May 2014
Bill Graham

Bob, Mike, Jerry, Bill, Gary

I started Coin Operated in 2003.  The original group consisted of Bill Graham, Jerry Miller (formerly of Moby Grape), Dylan England and me, Gary Tiedeman.  After Bill Graham passed away the band changed and brought in Bill Anderson, Dave Croston, Bob Koch, Mike Dauer, Jho Blenis guitar, Shelly Ely, and Steve Sarandos.

We are a Tacoma based blues/rhythm & blues band with roots in traditional rock-n-roll.  Influences are Little Richard, Fats Domino and Chuck Berry.  On the blues side: Bill Dogget, James Brown, Bobby Blue Bland, Freddie King right on up to the present.  We think in terms of keep them dancing...

As the Old Spinner Bob Summerrise use to say; "if the music don't move you it's because you got no place to go".

Gary Tiedeman, Tacoma, WA, September 2005

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  The Elegants, The Remnants, Road Apple, Blueport News, Incredible Kings Men, The Galaxies, Rock Collection, Foghorn Leghorn, Happy Daze, Jumbo Groove, Muf, These People, Christian, The Statesmen , The Regents (Seattle), The Regents (Tacoma), Showcase, Tatoosh, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:  1 June 2014
Credits: Gary Tiedman, Bill Anderson, Bill Dean
Band # 1799