Eric Bauer; Jim Adams; Keith Anderson; Craig Landron and Sonny Schaaf

Color Blue
Tacoma, Washington
1999 - 2001


Jim Adams ~ Guitar, Vocals
Keith Anderson ~ Drums
Bill Barner ~ Drums
Eric Bauer ~ Bass, Vocals
Craig Landron ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Sonny Schaaf ~ Keyboards

The Color Blue in the WInter of 1999 - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams
The Color Blue - Winter of 1999

The Color Blue in the Summer of 2000 - Photo courtesy of Jim Adams
The Color Blue - Summer 2000

Craig (the Moscow Horn ) Landron, Eric (Rico) Bauer, Jim Adams (aka Johnny Hurricain Savage aka Phat James), Billy Barner and Sonny Schaff.
Photo Courtesy of Bill Barner

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: Silverheels, Deep Summer, Desolutes, The Fourth Day, Christian, Bill Pair IV, Market, The Regents, Ric Martino & Company, The Rooks, Lightfoot, Johnny & The Marks, Blues Alliance, Rock n Roll Magic, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update:   7 September 2011
Credits:  Jim Adams, Sonny Schaaf, Bill Barner
Band # 943