Bob Burkle, John Radke, Bill Dake, Jim Robinson
The Concrete Duck
Seattle, Washington
1971 ~ 1974


Bob Burkle ~ Bass, Vocals
Bill Dake ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Radke ~ Saxophone, Flute, Hammond Organ, Vocals
Jim Robinson ~ Drums

The Concrete Duck was a Jazz/Rock group based in the U. District (Seattle) from 1971 - 1974.  The members included (from left to right in the picture) 1) Bob Burkle, Bass and vocals, 2) John Radke, Tenor sax, flute, Hammond organ and vocals, 3) Bill Dake, Lead Guitar and lead vocals, 4) Jim Robinson, Drums.  The group played casual gigs around the Puget Sound area, frat parties, high school dances, etc.  We wrote some tunes and liked doing pieces with unusual rhythms (the jazz part of the sound).  At the time, considering we only had four members, we had a big sound (thanks to the Hammond and a good sound system) and a lot of variety in orchestration.  We did stuff by Jethro Tull (w/flute), Santana, The Rascals, Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, along with our "original" tunes.  It was great fun, but Seattle was very depressed economically at that time, so we finally had to get day jobs.

John C. Radke, October 2005

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Credits: John Radke
Band # 1865