Lelan, Dick,, Roger, Mike, Greg and Jim
The Convertibles
Seattle, Washington
1970's - 2000
(Reunited in 2012)


Kevin Haley ~ Saxophone
Chuck Hickman ~ Saxophone
Jim Kenelly ~ Bass
Rev Dr. Lelan "Tyke" Kuhlmann ~ Drums
Mighty Mike Matthews ~ Guitar
Jeff Scott ~ Drums
Dick Valentine ~ Saxophone
Greg Wege ~ Keyboards
Roger Wilkins ~ Trumpet, Lead Vocals
Tom Wolfe ~ Bass


Greg Chambers ~ Sound

Greg Wege, Chuck Hickman, Mike Matthews, Roger Wilkins, Tom Wolfe, Lelan “Tyke” Kuhlman - About 1995

Our regular haunts were:  Waldo’s on the Eastside,  Doc Maynard’s in Pioneer Square,  and Parkers Ballroom.  We were regulars at the Bite of Seattle as well.

We just performed this last July at “The Bite” on the Mural Amphitheater Stage for a fun reunion gig.

Thanks for running this site.  It’s really cool to see all my old friend here.

Chuck Hickman, September 2012

The Convertibles - July 2012

Chuck and Greg

Chuck Hickman, Roger Wilkins, Mike Matthews and Tom Wolfe

Mike Matthews, Roger Wilkins, Tyke Kuhlman, Chuck Hickman, Greg Wege.

Roger and Chuck

Tom, Mike and Roger

Image Courtesy of Lelan Kuhlmann

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Last Update:  9 September 2012
Credits: Dick Valentine, Lelan Kuhlmann, Chuck Hickman

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