1996 - John O'Connor, Brad Cyier, Ed Peterson, Keith Craine, Dan Mohler, Jere Knudtsen
Puyallup, Washington
1987 ~ 1999


Randy Bennett ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim "J.D." Boggs ~ Bass, Vocals
Keith Craine ~ Guitar, Vocals
Brad Cyier ~ Guitar, Vocals
Keith Klowitter ~ Saxophone
Jere Knudtsen ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Dan Mohler ~ Bass, Drums
Harold Morrison ~ Drums
John O'Connor  ~ Drums, Vocals
Ed Peterson ~ Organ
Michael P. Vance ~ Drums, Vocals
Steve Vincent ~ Organ, Vocals

In Memory of

Jim "J.D." Boggs
Harold Morrison
d:  11 March 2012

Jere Knudtsen, Dan Mohler, Michael P. Vance, Keith Craine, Steve Vincent - 2000

Some of the earlier Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of The Cooltones include: American River, Bearded Clam, Child, Don and Company, Rock-Ola, Alan: A Tribute to Elvis, Tennis Shoe Review, Merrilee & The Turnabouts, Tiny Tony & The Statics, Peece, Patterns & Colors, International Brick, Great Pretenders, Rimfire, Sin City Ramblers, Jail and others.
This band played virtually every weekend from Jan. of 1988 through 1997.  Clubs included Marlene's Galaxy, Puyallup, The Firwood in Fife, WA, The Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor and the Ship Wreck Lounge in Fife.

Keith Craine, November 2001

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Last Update: 26 March 2012
Credits:  Keith Craine, Mary Hall-Rutherford
Band # 1391