CottonMouth - Photo Courtesy of Duane McCaslin
Olympia, Washington
1967 - 1972


Lassie Aanes ~ Drums
Kim Calkins ~ Drums
Bruce Delaplain ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Fred Dickerson ~ Guitar
Dan Dizzel ~ Drums, Vocals
Dicky Enfield ~ Drums
Jeannie Faye ~ Vocals
Phil Hanson ~ Drums
Bob Jenkins ~ Vocals
Duane McCaslin ~ Bass, Vocals
David Sanders ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dean Whitbeck ~ Drums
Kenny WilliamSon ~ Drums

In Memory of

Dicky Enfield
Bob Jenkins

CottonMouth - Photo Courtesy of Duane McCaslin

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Clockwise from Top left  -  Bob, Dave, Dan, Duane - 1968

CottonMouth - Photo courtesy of Kenny WilliamSon

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Last Update:  22 May 4014
Credits:   Duane McCaslin, Kenny WilliamSon, Tom Whiting,  James Bush, Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, Fred Dickerson, Little Bill Engelhart, Bruce Delaplain, Bob Jenkins

Band # 0082