Country Express
AKA:  Gail and Her FIddle
Port Ludlow, Washington
1976 - 1977


Gregg Easton Christenson ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Vashon Dave Conant ~ Guitar, Steel Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Tim Holbrook ~ Drums, Vocals
Denny Secord ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Gail Secord ~ Fiddle, Vocals

In Memory of

Dave Conant

Gail and Denny Secord started the group in Port Ludlow, WA in 1976. They put an ad in a local paper and auditioned all sorts of people.  They chose Gregg Easton Christenson, Dave Conant, and Tim Holbrook to round out the group.

Gregg and Dave switched off on bass and guitar and Tim handled the drums.

They played country and classic rock.

The group played together about a year.

They covered the entire Olympic Peninsula and British Columbia. They gigged hard, usually 2 nights and some times more a week. They played every imaginable type of venue, VFW’s, Fair’s, dances, you name it; they played there.

Gregg Easton Christenson , January 2006

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Last Update: 3 January 2006
Credits: Gregg Easton Christenson
Band # 1868