Crawfish Fiesta - Photo courtesy of Dan Smith
Crawfish Fiesta
Vancouver, British Columbia
1989 - 2003


John Cody ~ Drums
Garry Comeau ~ Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
Rick Enns ~ Bass, Vocals
Stu MacDonald ~ Bass
Billy Mendoza ~ Bass, Vocals
Barry Miller ~ Accordion, Vocals
Adam Rohrlick - Saxophone, Keyboards
Dan Smith ~ Guitar, Vocals

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  by members of this group include:   PrismShindell, Blue Northern, Tom Northcott Trio, Rocket Norton Band, Seeds of Time, The Orbits, Mock Duck, United Empire Loyalists, The Rogues, The YVR Band, Northwest Company, Access Junction, Sweet Dick, Just What the Doctor Ordered, 6 Cylinder  and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:   11 June 2011
Credits:  Dan Smith
 Band # 1922