Creek Big Band
Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
1997 - Present


Bryan Airth ~ Trombone
Lorne Berman ~ Alto Saxophone
Al Burns ~ Drums
Gordon Catherwood ~ Trombone
Trudy Diening ~ Vocals
Bruce Doyle ~ Tenor Saxophone
Graham Green ~ Tenor Saxophone
Angela Johnson ~ Keyboards
Ron Knight ~ Trombone
Laurie Lacovetsky ~ Trumpet
Boyd Norman ~ Bass
Doug Reid ~ Baritone Saxophone
Ed Roop ~ Trumpet
Kevin Shepherd ~ Tenor Saxophone
Karin Tigert ~ Trumpet
Rob Wilson ~ Guitar
Bill Wishlow ~ Trombone


Rob Arnstein ~ Trombone
Harry Busby ~ Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Lyle Carter ~ Alto Saxophone, Director
Ryan Lewis ~ Trumpet
Dan Richter ~ Guitar
Brian Stanhope ~ Keyboards
Jaden ? ~ Tenor Saxophone

In Memory of

Lyle Carter
Harry Busby

Harry Busby, the "Canadian Cockney"  passed away the morning of 22 August 2007 at about 10:10 am, at the age of 74.  We are going to miss him dearly.

Our kindest regards,

Al Burns, Pat & Gordon Catherwood and the Creek Big Band, August 2007

The big band started in the fall of 1997 after completing a big band work shop let by Blaine Dunaway who then went on to lead the band until he left to join the circus.... really I kid you not!  It was Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle for sold out performances playing his mandolin, violin, and trumpet. Some of the best live entertainment I've ever experienced.... wild and crazy stuff.

Alan Burns, June 2004

Here is the Creek Big Band that is currently working on the Sunshine Coast just a 40 minute ferry ride north of Vancouver BC.  We are having fun playing at the local high school graduation dances, the local  jazz festivals, and local functions, etc, featuring incredible, special guest vocalists.

Alan Burns, July 2004


The Creek Big Band is made up of unpaid volunteer musicians who contribute their time and talent for the benefit of Sunshine Coast music students and  audiences.

The money earned from their paid performances goes toward scholarships for Sunshine Coast students going on to further music studies, and toward miscellaneous band expenses.

The Creek Big Band is always looking for additional gigs, and therefore encourage you to book the band for your next dance, party, or other extravaganza for which you wish to have some great swing, jazz, and dance music.

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Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Chancellers, Messenger, Shawanagan, Berrycup Blooze Band, AfterHours, The Royal Clefs,  and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  20 May 2011
Credits:  Alan Burns, Lorne Berman, Travis McDonough
Band # 1483