Rick, Bill, Bob and Steve
 Seattle, Washington
1984 - Present


Bill Cleland ~ Bass
John Hanukaine ~ Keyboards
Bob Hausenbuiller ~ Keyboards
Rick Schurk ~ Guitar
Chris Hemstead ~ Guitar
Randy Linder ~ Guitar
Warren Mason ~ Guitar
Miclos Nagy ~ Piano, Saxophone
Mike Selvedge ~ Drums
Neil Stafford ~ Saxophone
Steve Roe ~ Drums
Brad Troxel ~ Drums*
Jack Zeran ~ Drums

The Crestliners serve as the Back Up band for Gary Troxel

*Brad Troxel performed with the Crestliners when backing up Gary Troxel

In Memory of

Brad Troxel
(d:  May 13, 1993)

Jack Zeran

Rick, Steve & Bill

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of The Crestliners: The Vanguards, Concepts, Bill Pair IV, Fat Chance, Bootmen, Capris, and many others.

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Last Update: 11 July 2010
Credits:  Bill Cleland, Larry Parypa, Gary Troxel, Randy Linder
Band # 696