Crevice Tool
Silver Lake, Washington


Dave Hawley ~ Bass, Vocals
Tommy Johnson ~ Drums, Vocals
Lee Langley ~ Vocals
Ron Phipps ~ Guitar
Eric Urban ~ Guitar

Crevice Tool... from the Silver Lake area of Washington circa 1981.  Crevice Tool had a hard hitting mixture of originals and covers.  A favorite original was "Crushing Your Head" inspied by the TV comedy show Kids in the Halls Headcrusher.

Tommy Johnson, June 2006

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include: Kryptic Light, Blizzard, Waterwheel, Old Friends, Uncle Remus, The Beard  and many others.

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Last Update:   23 January 2009
Credits:  Tommy Johnson
Photo by Royal Photography
Band # 1991