Photo Courtesy of Rich Carl Cadillac Chapman
Dan, Rich, Sam & Aaron in early 1980s
Photo Courtesy of Rich "Carl Cadillac" Chapman
Big Daddy and the Cruisers
Seattle-Snohomish Co., Washington
1974 ~ 1990


Gary B. ~ Drums
Rick Best ~ Drums
Rich "Carl Cadillac" Chapman ~ Guitar
Sam "Big Daddy" Chapman ~ Guitar
Mark "Tudd Thumper" Hotton ~ Drums
Dan Jubee ~ Saxophone
Phil "Spyder Murphy" Klein ~ Saxophone
Stan "Lucky Lush" Knoblich ~ Guitar
Gary "Kid Chrysler" McKinney ~ Keyboards
Greg "Smoky Tire" Nowak ~ Bass, Vocals
Grant Springer ~ Drums
Mike Springer ~ Bass
Erick Thompson ~ Keyboards

And Other Players

In Memory of

Sam Chapman
1950 - 2005

Rick Best

Big Daddy and the Cruisers - Photo Courtesy of Mark Tudd Thumper Hotton

Over the years there have been many players come and go in the Cruisers and several spin-off bands.  From this band's beginning the driving force and leader has always been Sam Chapman.  As his brother and former band member I would like to thank all the players who performed with Sam and me over the years.  Many thanks to all the fans who enjoyed our Muzak and show.  Most of all, thank you Sam for being my brother and mentor.

Rich "Carl Cadillac" Chapman, October 2002

What a great memory!  I joined the band at age 19.  Getting in bars at 19, free beer, groupies, after-hours parties, travel.... WOW... just like "Almost Famous".

Big Daddy and the Cruisers - Photo Courtesy of Mark Tudd Thumper HottonBig Daddy and the Cruisers evolved from Wizzard after Rick Best left the band to join a popular Greaser band called Cheeseburger Deluxe.  I replaced Rick on drums. Shortly after I joined the band, we decided to form a show band that had four totally different sets with different themes, costumes and characters.  Giving birth to Rod Valve and the Lifters (surf music), and Big Daddy and the Cruisers.  We kept the name Wizzard for the cover rock sets.  People thought we where three totally different bands.  After a time the band dropped the surf and cover acts to play exclusively 50s.

Steve Brath left the band in the summer of 74 to join Rick Best playing bass for Cheeseburger Deluxe.  Later Stan Knoblich would leave the band to join "Loose Larry and the Bean Barry Delights.  Steve was replaced by Greg "Smoky Tire" Nowak, Stan was replaced by Sam "Big Daddy" who went from Standup front-man to Font-man / guitarist (Sam is a great lead guitarist). The band added sax man Phil Kline (a friend from college) and later added Gary "Kid Chrysler" McKinney on keyboards.  The band divided in late 1975 where Gary, Phil and Greg formed Kid Chrysler and the Cruisers, Mark joined Stan with The Bean Barry Delights, and Sam went on the road for a while and then reformed Big Daddy and the Cruisers with brother Rick and other great musicians.

Mark Hotton, June 2003

Big Daddy and The Cruisers - Photo Courtesy of Rich Chapman

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Credits: Donn Mee, Gary McKinney, Rich Chapman, Brad Beck, Mark Hotton, Grant Springer, John Fischer, Stan Knoblich, Leif Eddy Haynes (R.I.P.)

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