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The Crystals
Oregon City, Oregon
1963 - 1964


Alex Bouwens ~ Rhythm Guitar
Dennis DePretto ~ Drums
Ray Van Broekhuizen ~ Bass
Roy Van Broekhuizen ~ Guitar


Lou Van Broekhuizen

In Memory of

Denny DePretto
Lou Van Broekhuizen

The Crystal was managed by my dad, Lou Van Broekhuizen, who passed away in Bekasi, Indonesia in 1995.  He  also managed the Redcoats.  Members were:  Roy Van Broekhuizen (guitar), Ray Van Broekhuizen (bass), Dennis DePretto (drums), Alex Bouwens (rhythm guitar).

Roy Van Broekhuizen, August 2008

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Last Update:  10 January 2012
Credits: Roy Van Broekhuizen
Band #  2417