Crystal Ship
Dawson Creek/Pouce Coupe
British Columbia
1968 ~ 1971


Richard Dixon ~ Guitar, Bass
Terry Emslie ~ Drums, Songwriter
Roy "Bim" Forbes ~ Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Songwriter
Ed Hanrahan ~ Bass
Brian Rushfeldt ~ Vocals

Occasional members included

Bev Carter ~ Drums ('68)
Brian Lutz ~ Drums (70/71)

Again, light years ahead of their time, unappreciated and scorned, we should all receive posthumous slaps upside the head because we were too closed minded and parochial to understand this new concept...original material from Vancouver?  Really, it’s ok!

Bob Brown, The Centaurs, June 2007

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Last Update:  22 January 2008
Credits: Ray Jeannotte, Graham Walker, Denis Thievin, Roy Forbes, Bob Brown
Band # 592