Dan Bissonette Band - Image courtesy og Dan Bissonette
Dan Bissonette Band
New Westminster, British Columbia
1986 - 1994


Black Bart ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dan Bissonette ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan Bissonette, Sr. ~ Fiddle
Doug Clarkson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Dunn ~ Steel, Guitar
Noel Gulbransen ~ Bass, Guitar Vocals
Terry Hough ~ Drums
Blackwater Jack ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ernie Straiton ~ Guitar
Mark Telford ~ Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Chris Volkaert ~ Drums
Wes Warkentin ~ Drums

In Memory of

Dan Bissonette, Sr.
Mark Telford

I played bass and sang in this band. My dad, Dan Bissonette Sr., played fiddle and Mark Telford played guitar, banjo and vocals. We were called The Dan Bissonette Band.  Mark and I would also play as a duo as the Cacciatore Cowboys and later on as the Riggatoni Wranglers. We played from 1986 to 1994.

We had numerous other players in this band as well. Some of them were Ernie Straiton, Black Bart, Blackwater Jack, Chris Volkaert, Wes Warkentin, Terry Hough,  and Rick Dunn.  We played mostly hard core country and bluegrass but also some rock as well.

Both Dan Sr and Mark are deceased now. Dan Senior also played in another band on this site in the 1950's - Hank The Hobo and the Sons of the Delta.

Dan Bissonette, March 2007

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