Dance Halls and Young Adult Clubs of the
Pacific Northwest
(If you Hear Music, that is Tacoma's Regents and Friends jamming "Funky Mama")

The Armory - Juneau (need photos/info)
Bear Tooth Theatre - Anchorage (need info)
Brief Encounter - Anchorage  (need photos/info) 
Blues Central - Anchorage (need photos/info)
Carpenters Hall - Anchorage (need photos/info)
Cinnamon Cinder - Anchorage (need info)
The Coke Show / Bun Drive-in - Anchorage
The Electric Eye - Anchorage (need photo/info)
The Elks Hall - Anchorage (need info/photos)
Elmendorf AFB Airman's Club - Anchorage (need info/photos)
Elmendorf AFB NCO Club - Anchorage (need info/photos)
Elmendorf AFB Teen Club - Anchorage  (need info)
Fort Richardson NCO Club - Anchorage  (need photos/info)
Fort Richardson Teen Club - Anchorage  (need photos/info)
Government Hill Teen Club - Anchorage (need photos/info)
Johnny's Penguin Club  -  Anchorage (need photos/info)
Palomino Club - Anchorage (need photo/info)
The Rendezvous - Fairbanks (need photo/info
The Royal Pad ~ Anchorage (need info)
Shindig City ~ Anchorage (need info/photos)
Snow Goose Restaurant - Anchorage (need photos/info)
The Upper Limits ~ Fairbanks (need info/photos)
The Varsity Show ~ Anchorage
West High Auditorium ~ Anchorage (need info/photos)

British Columbia

The Afterthought ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Agrodome -  PNE Fiargrounds, Vancouver (need photos/info)
The Arlington Ballroom ~ Vancouver (need /info)
Avalon Hotel Pub,  North Vancouver (need photos/info)
Baceda's - Vancouver (need photos/info)
The Big Mother ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Black Bart's Cabaret ~ Burnaby (need info)
The Blues Palace ~ Vancouver  (need info/photos)
The Body Shop ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Burrard Armoires ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Capitol Hill Hall ~ North Burnaby
The Cave ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Clinton Hall ~ Vancouver (need info)
Cloverdale Arena ~ Surrey, (need info)
Club Tango ~ Victoria, BC (need info)
Coconut Grove ~ Burnaby (need infor & photos)
The Colonial ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
The Commodore ~ Vancouver (need info)
The Daisy ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Dante's Inferno ~ Vancouver (need info)
Danceland ~ Vancouver, BC (need photos/info)
Denny's Discotech ~ New Westminster (need info/photo)
Diamond Jim's ~ Vancouver, BC (need info)
The Down Under Club ~ Vancouver (need info)
The Dungeon ~ Port Coquitlam (need info/photos)
The Egress ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Elegant Parlour ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Embassy Ballroom ~ Vancouver (need info)
Flame Supper Club ~ Burnaby (need photos & info)
The Fleet Club ~ Victoria (need photos/info)
Frams ~ Vancouver (need info)
The Gai Paree ~ Burnaby (need info)
The Garage ~  Vancouver (need photos/info)
Garden Auditorium ~ Vancouver (need info)
Garry Taylor's Rock Room ~ Vacouver (need info)
Gassy Jack's ~ Gastown (need info)
The Grooveyard ~ New Westminster (need photos/info)
The Harlem Nocturne ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Heaven & Hell ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Hollywood Bowl ~ New Westminster (need photos/info)
Isy's Supper Club ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
King of Clubs ~ Vancouver (need info)
Kerrisdale Arena ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Kit Kat Klub ~ Vancouver (need info)
The Kitsilano Theatre ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Ladysmith Agricultural Hall ~ Ladysmith (need photos/info)
Langley Roller Rink ~ Langley (need photos/info)
Lasseters Den ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
The Mad Dolphin - New Westminster
The Manhattan - Vancouver (need info/photos)
Marco Polo - Vancouver (need photo/info)
Moonglow Cabaret ~ Vancouver (need info)
New Delhi Cabaret ~ Vancouver (need photo/info)
Oil Can Harry's ~ Vancouver (need info)
OK Corral ~ New Westminster (need photos/info)
The Opera House ~ Nanaimo (need photos/info)
Pacific Coliseum ~ Vancouver (need info)
Pender Auditorium  ~ (need photos/info)
Peter Pan Ballroom ~ (need photos/info)
Pink Parlour ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Purple Onion ~ Victoria (need photos/info)
Queen Elizabeth Theatre ~ Vancouver (need info)
The Retinal Circus ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
Rohan's Rockpile ~ Vancouver (need photos/info
The Scope ~ Victoria, BC (need info)
Smilin' Buddha ~ (need info/photos)
Spunky's  ~  Vancouver  (need info)
T's Caberet ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)

The Torch ~ Vancouver, BC (need photos/info)
The Town Pump ~ Vancouver (need photos/info)
University of BC War Memorial Gym (need info)
Vernon Recreation Centre - Vernon (need photos/info
The Zodiac ~ New Westminster (need photos/info)


The Armory - Nampa (need photos/info)
Blackdog Tavern ~ Stateline (need photos/info
Bullwinkle's ~ Lewiston (need photos/info)
Capricorn Ballroom - Moscow (need photos/info)
Casey's ~ Lewiston, ID (need info)
Casey’s Corral ~  New Meadows, ID (photo/info needed)
El Patio - Stateline (need info)
Fiesta Ballroom ('62-'69) ~ Boise, ID (need photos/info)
Hardluck Charlie's - Stateline (need photos/info)
IOOF Hall ('58-'64) - Caldwell (need photos/info)
IOOF Hall - Kuna (need photos/info)
Lewis-Clark State College - Lewiston (need info)
Miramar Ballroom - Boise, ID (need info)
Morning Club - Clinton, ID (need info)
Nampa Roller Drome ('40's-'68) ~ Nampa, Idaho (need photos/info)
The Playboy ~ Lewiston (need pfotos/info)  
Rare Earth - Sandpoint  (need info/photos)
The Rathouse - Moscow ID (need photos/info)
Rathskeller's - C'oeur D'Alene (need photos/info)
The Rock ~ Stateline (need photos/info)
Rocking Castle ~ Boise, ID ('66-'69) (need photos/info)
Skyway Bar ~ Idaho Falls (need info)
The Slab Inn - Stateline (need photos/info)
Trocadaro Dance Hall ('63-'66) ~  Boise, ID (need photos/info)
The Zodiac Way ~ Boise (need photos/info)


Candle Bar - Missoula (need photos/info)
Coach House - Helena (need photos/Info)
Green Gables Teen Night Club - Missoula (need photos/info)
Teen Center - Kalispel (need photos/info)
Beer Stube - Whitefish  (need photo/info)
Blue Haze Teen Club - Kalispel (need photos/info)
Top Hat - Missoula (need photos/info)


The Ark ~ Roseburg  (need photos/info)
Armageddon Coffee House ~ (need info)
The Armory ~ Astoria (need info/photos)

The Armory ~ Baker City (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Beaverton (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Corvallis (need info)
The Armory ~ The Dallas (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Eugene (need info)
The Armory ~ Hillsboro (need info)
The Armory ~ Hood River (need info)
The Armory ~ La Grange (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Newport (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Ontario (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Oregon City (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Pendelton (need info/photos)
The Armory ~ Salem, OR (need info)
The Armory ~ Woodburn, OR (need info)
Beaver Hall ~ Portland, Oregon (need info/photos)
Billy Shears ~ Eugene (need photos/info)
Bob Dye's Armory ~ Ontario, Oregon
Cafe' Expresso ~ Portland
Cascade Club - Springfield Oregon (need info/photos)
The Chase ~ Portland/Milwaukie, OR (need photos/info)
The Cirque Club ~ Hillsboro, OR (need info)
Cottonwoods Ballroom (need info/photos)
The Crystal Ballroom ~ Portland, OR (need info)
Division Street Corral - Portland, OR (need info)
Duffy's - Beaverton (need info/photos)
The Dunes - Pacific City (need info)
The Erb Memorial Ballroom ~ Eugene (need info/photos)
Euphoria ~ Portland (need info/photos)
Fireside ~ Portland (need info/photos
Frankenstein's ~ (need info/photos)
Gill Coliseum - Coarvallis (need info/photos)
Grand Illusions ~ Eugene (need info/photos)
The Great Balloon Ballroom ~ Eugene (need info/photos
The Headless Horseman ~ Portland, OR (need photos/info)
Hillsboro Armory ~ Hillsboro, OR
Hindquarter ~ Lake Oswego, OR 
The Iron Bridge ~ Eugene (need photos/info)
Masonic Temple - Portland (need info)
Newport Armory ~ Newport (need info/photos)
Lake Oswego Armory - Lake Oswego (need info)
Newberg Teen Center - Newberg (need info/photos
No Dogs Allowed - Portland (need info/photos)
Oregon University - Corvallis (need info/photos)
The Paramount - Portland (need Info)
Portland Memorial Coliseum (need info)
The Pypo Club - Seaside, OR  (need more info)
Pythian Ballroom - Portland OR (need photos/info)
Silver Skate - Portland (need photos/info)
Springer's ~ Gresham, OR (need info/photos)
Springfield Auditorium, Springfield (need info)
Swept Wing Inn ~ Albany (need info/photos
Taylor's Viewpoint ~ Portland (need photos/info)
TG's Newport - Newport (need info/photos)
The Three Fools - Portland (need photos/info)
Tiny Dumont's Park - Portland (need Photos/info)
The Tork Club ~ Beaverton, OR (need photos)
The Torq Club ~ Eugene, (need info)
Turquoise Room ~ Portland (need info/photos)
VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) ~ Salem, (need info)
Watkins Park ~ Calakamas (need info/photos)
The Wesley Foundation ~ Eugene (need info/photos)
White Eagle Saloon ~ Portland (need info)
Wooden Shoe (need photo/info)
Woolen Mill - Bend (need photos/info)
WOW Hall ~ Eugene  (need info/photos)


5th Quarter ~ Olympia (need photos/info)
A Go Go ~ Spokane (need photos/info)
The Aberdeen Armory ~ Aberdeen
Aberdeen YMCA ~ Aberdeen (photos/Info needed)
Ad Lib ~ Seattle  (photos/info needed)
Ad Lib East ~ Bellevue (need info/photos)
Adrien's ~ Richland (photos/info needed)
Alki Tavern ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
Amvets Hall, 38th & South Tacoma Way ~ Tacoma
Angie Lake Plunge ~ South Seattle (photos/info needed)
Aquarius Tavern ~ Seattle
The Armory ~ Tacoma
Astaire's ~ Olympia (need info/photos)
Astor Park ~ Seattle (need info/photos
Attic Tavern ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
Baldy's ~ Milton, WA
The Back Forty ~ Lakewood, WA (need photos/info)
Beacon Ballroom ~ Birch Bay, WA (need info)
Bent Rudder ~ Long Beach (need photos/info)
BFD  (need photos/info)

BFD-2  (need photos/info)
The Birdland ~ Seattle (need info/photos)

The Black Kettle - Puyallup (need infor/photos)
The Black n Tan ~ Seattle, WA (need info/photos)
The Blue Danube ~ Port Angeles need info/photos)
The Bodyshop ~ Bellingham  (need photos/info)
Boojun Tree -  Tukwila (need photos/info)
The Breakers - Point Roberts (need info)
The Brothers - Seattle (need info)
Browers Tavern - Midland (need photos/info)
Brown Derby ~ South Seattle (need photos/info)
Buffalo Tavern ~ Ballard (need photos/info)
The Bull Pen - Burien (need photos/info)
The Bummer ~ Edmonds (need photo)
Burien Fieldhouse - Burien (need info/photo)
Burien Moose Lodge ~ Burien, WA (need info)
Burlington Roller Rink  ~ Burlington (need photos/info)
The Caballero ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
The Cage - Bothell (need photos/info)
Camelot - Seattle (need photos/info)
Canal Zone - Poulsbo (need info/photos)
Canterbury Inn - Spokane (need info/photos)
Captain Coyote's ~ Olympia, WA (need photos/info)
Carpenter's Hall - West Seattle  -  (need photos/info)
Cedric's Cellar, ~ Seattle, WA  (need photos/info)
Central Washington State College (need info)
The Centralia Armory ~ Centralia (need info)
Central Tavern - Seattle (need photos/info)
Century Ballroom ~ Fife, WA  (info needed)
Charlie Brown's Teen Club - Spokane (info/photo needed
The Civic ~ Chehalis, WA (need info)
Cloud 9 ~ Spokane (need photos/info)
Club A GO GO - Seattle (need photos/info)
The Coliseum ~ Spokane (need info)
Columbia Skate ~ Vancouver  (need photos/info)
Columbia Hotel ~ Wenatchee, WA (need info)
The Community Center ~ Olympia (need photos/info)
The Cosmos ~ Tri-Cities (need info/photos)
Coulee Dam City Hall ~ Coulee Dam, WA (need photo/info)
Country Corners Dancehall ~ Chimicum (need info/photo)
Country Store ~ Ellensburg (need info)
The Crescent Ballroom - Tacoma
D.A.V. Hall,  Delridge Way - West Seattle (photos/info needed)
D & D Roller Rink - Wenatchee, WA (photos/info needed)
Dave's Fifth Avenue ~ Seattle (need info)
Des Moines Field House  (need info)
Des Moines Yacht Club  (need photos/info)
The Detour - Renton (need photos/info)
District Tavern ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
The Door - Seattle (need info/photos)
Double Tree Inn -  Tukwila (need photos/info)
Downtown ~ Yakima (need photos/info)
Dreamland Ballroom ~ Tenino (need photos/info)
Dreamland Pavilion - Seattle (need info)
Duk's A Go Go - Yakima (need photos/info)
The Dunes ~ Westport, Washington (need/info)
Eagles Auditorium - Seattle (need info/photos)
The Eagles Hall ~ Chehalis (need photos/info)
Eagles - Everett (need photos/info)
The Eagles Hall - Olympia, WA
Eagles - Seattle (need photos/info)
Eagles - Tacoma (need photos/info)
Eagles Lodge ~ White Center (need photos/info)
Eastlake Zoo ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
Electric Angel ~ Yakima (need photos/info)
The Embers - West Seattle (need photos/info)
Ephrata Recreation Center - Ephrata (need photos/info)
The Evergreen Ballroom - Lacey

Everyone's Alley - Everett (need info/photos)
The Exit - Tacoma (need photos, info)
Federal Way Skate Center - Federal Way, WA  (need photos/info)
Fellowship Hall - Tacoma  (need photos/info)
The Firwood Roadhouse/Tavern - Fife (info needed)
The Flame Tavern ~ Seattle (need info/photos
Flightline Tavern ~ Des Moines (need info/photos)
Floral Hall ~ Everett (need Info)
Fort Lewis NCO Club ~ Tacoma (need info/photos)
Four Ten Supper Club - Seattle, WA  (need photos/info)
Fraternity Hall - Auburn (photos/info needed)
Fredonia Grange, Mt. Vernon  (need photos/info)
Fremont Tavern ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
Fresh Aire Club - Seattle (need info and photos)
G Note - Seattle (need info and Photos
The Galaxie Club - Eastgate-Bellevue (need info)
The Gaslight - Tacoma
George's Broiler ~ Longview, WA (need photos/info)
The Glide Hall ~ Kelso, WA (need Photos/info)
Gold Creek Park (need info)
Golden Tides ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
Goofy's - Ellensburg
Goofy's Tavern - Spokane
Granny's Pad - Vancouver, WA (need photos/info)
Green Lake Aqua Theater -  Seattle (need photos/info)
The Grotto  Spokane, WA (need info)
The Happening - Seattle (need photos/info)
Harborena Roller Rink ~ Hoquiam, WA  (need photos/info)
The Hatchcover - Bellevue (need info/photos)
Hayloft ~ Vancouver (need info/photos)
Hillside Roller Palace - Auburn (need photos/info)
The Hippodrome - Federal Way, WA (need photos/info)
Holcomb's Ballroom - Vancouver, WA (need photos/info)
Hoquiam High School Gymnasium - Hoquiam, WA (need info)
House of Entertainment - Seattle, WA (need photos/info)
Hunan Chef - Bellevue (photos/info needed)
Hunan Wok - Seattle (photos/info needed)
Inside Passage - Pioneer Square, Seattle  (info/photo needed)
The Java Jive - Tacoma
Jolly Roger ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
Johnny's Dock - Tacoma
Judge Roy Bean's ~ Roy, WA (need photos/info)
Kennewick Skate Rink ~ Kennewick (need photo/info)
Kennewick Social Club ~ (need info/photos)
Kilroy's - West Seattle (need info/photos)
K.C. (Knights of Columbus) Hall - Lakewood (need photos/info)
K.C. (Knights of Columbus) Hall - Yakima (need photos/info)
K.C. (Knights of Columbus) Hall - Seattle (need photos/info
La Playa - Kirkland (need photos/info)
Lake City Community Club - Tacoma (need photo/info)
Lake Hills Roller Rink - Bellevue
Lake Lawrence Pavillion ~ (need photos/info)
Land of the Giants ~ Tacoma (need photos/info)
The Last Chance Tavern - Tacoma (need info)
Lincoln Bowl - Tacoma (need info)
Little Jim's Pub ~ Tacoma (need photos/info)
Lofurno's Restaurant and Jazz Club ~ Seattle (need photos/info)
Longshoreman's Union Hall ~ Longview, WA (need photos/info)
Longview Armory ~ Longview, WA (need/info)
Lou's Place ~ Spanaway, WA (need photos/info)
Lundeen's ~ Lake Stevens, WA (need photos/info)
Lynnwood Roll-A-Way Rink ~ WA (need photos/info)
Magic Inn ~ Seattle (need info/photos)
Magoo's - Centralia (need photos/info)
Marlene's Galaxy - Puyallup (need photos/info)
Marysville Roller Rink - Marysville (need info/photos)
McChord AFB NCO Club ~ Tacoma (need info/photos)
McChord AFB Officers Club ~ Tacoma (need info/photos)
McCleary VFW ~ McCleary, WA (info needed)
McMicken Heights Community Club - SeaTac (need info)
The Medicine Show - Seattle (need photos/info)
Midland Hall  - Tacoma
The Mod Room (need photos/info)
Moose Hall - Mt. Vernon (need photos/info)
Morrison Hall - West Seattle  (need photos/info)
Mother's - Tacoma (need photos/info)
My Place - SeaTac (need info)
Natasha's - Bremerton (need info/photo)
Natatorium - Walla Walla (need photo/info)
New Yorker - Tacoma (need photos/info)
Normandy Cove  -  Normandy Park (need info)
Normanna Hall - Everett (need info/photos)
Normanna Hall  - Tacoma  (need info)
North Lake Ballroom - Federal Way
Oak Harbor Roller Barn  -  (need info)
Odd Fellows Hall - Bothell (need photos/info)
Odd Fellows Hall - Tacoma (need photos/info)
Oil Can Harry's - Everett (need photos/info)
Old Norway Hall (need photos/info)
Old Windmill - Puyallup (need photos/info)
Orient Express - Seattle (need info/photos)
Owl Tavern ~ Kelso, WA (need photos/info)
Owl Tavern - Ballard (need info/photo)
Panama's ~ Everett (need info/photo)
Parkers - Seattle
Pasco Armory - Pasco (need info/photos)
The Peppermint Lounge ~ Seattle (need photos/info)
Perl's - Bremerton
Pipeline Tavern ~ Seattle (need photos/info)
Place Pigalle ~ Seattle (photos/info needed)
Plaquato Ballroom - Chehalis (need photos/info)
Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall - Pasco (need photos/info)
Polish Club - Aberdeen
Port Orchard Armory - Port Orchard (need photos/info)
The Post Office ~ Grand Coulee, WA (need photo/info)
Proverbial Shaft ~ Port Townsend (need photo/info)
The Ranch Tavern - Ellensburg (need photo/info)
The Rainbow ~ U District, Seattle (need info)
The Rathouse - Pullman (need photo/info)
Raymond IWA Hall - Raymond (info needed)
The Red Carpet - Tacoma
The Reef - Point Roberts (info/photo needed
Richland Community House - Richland (need info/photos)
Richland Rollarena Skating Center (need info)
Riverside - West Seattle (need photos/info)
Rocker Tavern - Aberdeen (need photos/ more info)
Rocker Bar & Grill ~ Bothell (need info/photos)
Rollerdrome - Centralia, WA (need info)
Rollerland - Renton (need info/photos)
Royal Bear - Algona (need photos/info)
St. John's Episcopal Church Hall -  West Seattle (need photo/info)
St. Mary's Parish Hall - Lakewood (need photos/info)
St. Michael's Alley - Seattle (need photo/info)
San Francisco Sound Ballroom - Seattle (need photos/info)
Scotty's ~ Everett (need photos/info)
Scotty's (Mod Room) ~ Tacoma (need photos/info)
Seattle Center Exebition Hall (need photos/info)
Seattle Coliseum (need photos/info)
The Seaway ~ Copalis Beach, WA (need info)
Seven Cedars ~ Mount Vernon (need info)
Seven Cedars ~ Spokane (need photos/info)
The Silver Seagull ~ Ocosta, WA (need/info)
Skateland ~ Everett, WA (need photos/info)
Skateland ~ Yakima (need info)
The Smith Center ~ Longview, WA (need photos/info)
Space Age - Tacoma
Spanaway Park - Tacoma (need photos/info)
The Spanish Castle - Seattle~Tacoma
Spokane Coliseum -  Spokane (need information)
Spokane Armory ~ Spokane (need photos/info)
Sunset West ~ Spokane (need photos/info)
Tacoma Sports Arena - Tacoma  (need info)
Target Ballroom - Burien
Tiffany's Skate-in ~ Kent, WA  (need photos/info)
Tiffany's Roller Rink ~ Puyallup, WA  (need photos/info)
Tiffany's ~ Spokane (need photos/info)
The Tolo House - Seattle (need photos/info
Tony Go's - Renton (photos and info needed)
Top of the Ocean - Tacoma (need info and photos)
Touray Ballroom - Federal Way (more info/photos needed)
The Trapedero ~ Vancouver (info/photos needed)
Trojan Horse - Seattle (need info and photos)
Trolley Club - Seattle (need info/photos)
Tropics Ballroom - Shelton (need photos/info)
Troutlake Tavern - Troutlake (need photos/info)
U.P.S. Field House ~ Tacoma (need photos/info)
Union Hall ~ Pasco (need photos/info)
VASA Hall ~ Hoquiam (need info)
VASA Hall ~ Tacoma (need photos/info)
The Vault ~ Seattle, WA
Victoria Station - Seattle (need info/photos)
Viking Hall ~ Silvana, WA (need photos/info)
The Village West - Birch Bay (need info/photos)
The Yakima Armory ~ (need info)
YMCA ~ West Seattle (need photos/info)
Youth Center ~ White Center (need photos/info)
The Wagon Wheel ~ Richland (need info/photo)
The Walrus - Seattle (need photos/info)
The Warehouse Tavern - Bellevue (need info)
The Warehouse Tavern - Seattle (need info)
War Memorial Hall ~ Puyallup (need photos/info)
Washboard Willies - Spokane (need photos/info)
Watermelon Sugar - Everett (need photo/info)
White Center Field House ~ White Center  (need photos/info)
White Center Roller Rink ~ White Center (need photos/info)
White Shutter Inn ~ Tukwila (need info/photos)
White Spot ~ Kent (need photos/info)
Women's Century House ~ Yakima (need info)
Yakima Valley Convention Center ~ (Yakima (need info/photos)
YMCA ~ Yakima (need info)
Zodiac Club ~ Walla Walla (need info)

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