The Danny O' Show
Lewiston, Idaho
1994 - ?


Dan "Danny O" Saville ~ Guitar, Vocals


Stan Cornell
Charlie Force
Loretta Gustafson
Steve Prescott
Barb Pressnall

Dan Saville,  was born in Spokane Washington on October 27th 1952. His musical career started at the age of 11 when his brother Steve bought him his first set of drums. He then joined his first band shortly after called The Rangers. The Rangers were based out of Seattle Washington and appeared on a television talent show called Stairway to Stardom in Tacoma Washington in 1963.

Dan Saville, a.k.a. (Dandy Dan) went on to work with such people as Brian Hyland, who is known for his hit songs "Sealed With a Kiss" and "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini". Danny O' also did some work with Kenny Price from the television show, HEE-HAW! Other performers include Kitty Wells and John Anderson.

Dan Saville, a.k.a. (Dandy Dan) also played lead guitar and sang lead vocals in the show band of, "Charlie & the Seniors" who were very popular throughout Canada and parts of the United States. He was also one of the original members! Charlie & the seniors were managed by Les Vogt who also managed Roy Orbison in his later years.

Before the Stage Name of Danny O, came along it was Danny B. Sneekers! Danny B. Sneekers & the V.O. 5's were made up of Dave Chapman - Dan Saville a.k.a. ( Danny B. Sneekers ) & Gaylon Walker.

The band was only a 3 piece, drums, bass and guitar but it sure didn't sound like a three piece. They played everything 90 miles an hour and the sound the three of them produced was nothing less than kick ass. The band was only together for about a year and played mostly around Bellingham Washington and the Whatcom County area.

Then there was the band, "Kid Cola Review" which had a few different members over the period of about 2 years. Kid Cola Review was based out of Spokane Washington and consisted of, Dave Warner on bass guitar - Doug Swyter on drums - myself, Dan Saville on lead guitar - & Dave Deucet on rhythm guitar.

Then there is the "Unknown Band"! The Unknown Band was made up of Dan Saville, an original member of Charlie & the Seniors & Kid Cola Review.

Bruce Ginn, a later member of Charlie & the seniors. John Greenfield, an original member of Kid Cola Review, and Dave Warner, another original member of Kid Cola Review.

Dan Saville played Rhythm & Lead Guitar and so did Bruce Ginn and both sang. John Greenfield was the drummer and sang, and Dave Warner was the bass player and also sang. All in all a pretty good band!

The drummer and Dan Saville were the two responsible for putting this band together. They heard that the manager of an Elvis tribute in Yakima Washington was looking for a band to backup an Elvis tribute by the name of Steve James. Dave Warner and Bruce Ginn were living in different towns at the time, but available, so they were given a call and we all met in Yakima Washington soon after and became the backup band for the Elvis tribute of Steve James.

As mentioned, this was a pretty good band and it stayed together for a while even after Steve James left. It went through 2 or 3 different members over a period of time but it was a lot of fun. The end result was more good memories! I guess you could say that this band was based out of Yakima Washington.

Danny O' has been playing music for 46 years and instruments played include Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Bass, a little Harmonica, Lead and Backup Vocals, and 40 Original songs.

As mentioned earlier, he used the Stage Name of “Danny B Sneekers” but that name was changed to Danny O’ around 1994. He was doing a small Roy Orbison tribute around the Washington area and some people started referring to him as, “Danny O” because he sounded a lot like Roy. Very flatering!

Danny O' plays different styles of music including, 1950's rock - 1960's rock - 70's & 80's rock and Country as well. His song list numbers well over 500 songs, and has earned him the nickname, "The Walking Jukebox".

Danny O' attributes his talent to his belief in God and it is his belief that the Almighty is the one who makes remembering so many chords, lyrics and songs possible. Danny O’ can be found performing around the Lewiston Idaho area these days and still doing his Orbison tribute as well.

You are surely in for a treat and a fun walk down memory lane when you book, The Danny O' Show.

Dan Saville, March 2010

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: Danny B. Sneekers & the V.O. 5's, The Rangers, Charlie and The Seniors, Kid Cola Review, Rocky Vasalino Show/Revue, and many other NW bands.

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