The Danny Tripper Band
Vancouver, British Columbia
1970's - 1980's

Roger Baird ~ Drums
Kenny Boychuk ~ Hammond
Drummond Eveleigh-Smith ~ Bass
Wayne Gust ~ Guitar
Brady Gustafson ~ Drums
Dennis Hopkins ~ Bass
Daniel Kane ~ Saxophone
Robbie King ~ Hammond
Laurence Knight ~ Bass
Jim McCann ~ Drums
Ron (Bones, Bono) McRobbie ~ Bass, Vocals
Kirstin Nash ~ Saxophone
Wendy Perry ~ Keyboards
Tony Rokosh ~ Drums
Steve Soucy ~ Keyboards
Danny Tripper ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

Guest Musicians

Gail Bowen ~ Vocals
Mike Clarke ~ Vocals
Jerry Doucette ~ Guitar
Tom Lavin ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Danny Tripper
Ron (Bones, Bono) McRobbie

I met Dan in Kitsilano in 1968 after I broke up with the band I was in called The Family Dogs.  I had a gig at a blues club in downtown Vancouver called the Harlem Nocturne and needed a guitar player, so Dan and I got together and called ourselves the Dynatones. We also played at the first Easter be-in at Stanley Park and at the Elegant Parlor night club that was owned by Tommy Chong's parents, The Last Chance Saloon, Rohan's, the Golden Palace and Kits Theatre in Kits.

We played as the Dynatones until around 1971.  We got together again as Hotwire around 1974 to 1976 and played the bar scene in North Vancouver and Vancouver strip clubs.

After that I played on and off with the Danny Tripper Band for many years at the American Hotel and The Waterfront Night Club, etc.

Bones, October 2006

On his Album "One Man Banned" 1985, the guest players were Tom Lavin of Powder Blues fame, and Jerry Doucette of Mama Let em Play fame.

The guest vocals were Mike Clarke and Gail Bowen (The Tripettes). Produced by Ken Spence and Engineered by Brian Campbell

Guitar and Vocals of course Danny Tripper

Bass Player was Laurence Knight

Drums: Jim McCann R.I.P. (Red Rider fame) and Daryll Burgess on "Nobody"

During the years, he played with numerous musicians who would gladly make the live gigs .  Among them and there are many more.

Jerry Doucette, Wayne Gust - 2nd Guitar

Steve Soucy, Wendy Perry - Keyboards

Robbie King, Kenny Boychuk - Hammond

Laurence Knight, Jimbo, Dennis Hopkins, Drummond Eveleigh-Smith - Bass

Brady Gustafson, Jim McCann, Roger Baird - Drums

Kirstin Nash, Daniel Kane - Sax

Lady George, September 2014

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Last Update:  5 September 2014
Credits:  Sandi McRobbie, Ron "Bones" McRobbie, Lady George
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