Dark Molly - Photo courtesy of Rick May
Dark Molly
Seattle, Washington
1997 - 2002


Jim Bailey ~ Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Ken Cofield ~ Bass, Vocals
Rick May ~ Fiddle
Bob Nazzaro ~ Drums
Joan Ruhlen ~ Fiddle
Mike Tackett ~ Accordion, Pennywhistle
Rich Teachout ~ Pennywhistle
Mick Vallentine ~ Drums
Gil Yslas ~ Guitar

Father Seamus Daley ~ Historian
The Dan Clan ~ Immoral Support

Dark Molly played Celtic rock regularly at several Seattle pubs, including The Old Pequliar, The Owl & Thistle, The Irish Emigrant, Fado, Murphy's, and The Conor Byrne. Some of their exploits were chronicled on their web site by the mysterious (and lecherous) Father Seamus Daley, who warned the young folk about their unhealthy influence:

Save yourselves! Avoid Dark Molly at all costs. Your souls are certainly in peril. I, on the other hand, must continue to subject myself to their awful influence, to help warn the pious and decent. (Is it any wonder that I may need a pint or two of Guinness to steady my nerves?) I shall continue to report on the progress of this rag-tag bunch of desolates, so that others may avoid the sins of dancing while moving the hips, clapping to the jungle rhythms, and God only knows what else.

Rick May, January 2006

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:  The Different Ones, Streets, and many other Northwest bands.

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Credits:  Rick May
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