Darone - Photo courtesy of Roger Nick
Bremerton, Washington
1971 - 1973


Larry Darone ~ Guitar, Steel Guitar, Vocals
Jim Fleming ~ Drums
Jimi Herron  ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Roger Nick ~ Bass
Mike Williams ~ Guitar

"Darone was a band of close friends living in Bremerton Washington that had two things in common.  We lived for intense music jams and being insufferable party animals around the clock.  Fresh out of high school we very quickly built a huge local following and became quite popular all around the area.  Especially among the young ladies.  We were raw and wild.  There were wicked parties at our house that we all lived in that would go on all night.  All of the area musicians would show up and jam throughout the night and play hockey turnaments on this little hockey game we had.  And there was the time we were conducting a demolition derby in our front yard with our cars while the police stood at the curb and yelled at us.  They couldn't do anything because we were on our own property.  It really pissed 'em off.  I'm surprised we even lived through those times but we did.  The band changed the name to Blue Sky at the same time it broke into the Seattle nightclub circuit and very quickly went on to become one of the most popular northwest bands of all time.  Without a doubt, that was the funnest and wildest time of my life."

Roger Nick, September 2006   roger@blueskyrock.com

Darone - Image courtesy of Roger Nick


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Last Update:  28 October 2012
Credits: Roger Nick, Jim Herron

Band # 2041