The Regents
Dave Roland ~ Drums
1963-1965 & 1997-Present

DAVE ROLAND - Early 1964
Dave Roland was the drummer and lead vocalist for the Regents from about the Spring of '63 until the Summer of '65 when the original lineup of the Regents broke up.  The Regents was Dave's first band and was already a polished drummer when he joined them.  We don't know how long he practiced before joining the Regents, but he sounded as if he had been playing all his life.  Dave added his voice to the group as the lead singer, doing a variety of songs, each done with his unique style.  Dave and Sammy immediately got the drums and bass guitar into sync.  When Dave paired up with Richard Rossiter, they were an awesome singing duo that rivaled the Righteous Brothers and others.

Not only was Dave a great drummer and singer, but also a great business manager for the band.  In those early years, most of the bands in the Pacific Northwest did not have booking agents to secure engagements.  The bands obtained their own gigs and did all their own contracting.  Dave must have been quite busy.  When looking back at the entertainment pages in the local newspapers from '63 to '65, the Regents were in a dominant position for frequency of  gigs.

When the original lineup of the Regents broke up, Dave jammed with the Capris for a couple of weeks, recording "Wherever You Hide", then joined the Wailers.  Joining the Wailers was quite a feather in Dave's cap as the Wailers was the preeminent rock group of the Pacific Northwest from the late 50's through the late 60's.  Dave was the Wailers second and final drummer until they broke up in about 1969.  After the Wailers, Dave joined forces with Ron Gardner, Dave Immer, and Denny Weaver to form Sweet Rolle.  Dave later banged on his drums and exercised his vocal chords with City Zu, Tacoma Pops Band and others until he "retired" from being an active musician and became a DJ in the Seattle area.

Dave still breaks out the drums from time to time to jam with the original Regents and the Parypa brothers of the Sonics during their "annual" reunion jams.  Though Dave officially put his stick away about 15 years ago, he is still a fine drummer and great singer.

What others say about Dave

"Dave Roland (1964 - 1968/9)   replaced Mike Burk in 1964. This was an even harder spot to fill. Dave took it on. A powerful and solid player Dave came from another Tacoma group called the Regents. He lived in the Lakewood area of Tacoma and attended Clover Park high school. Damn, another good-looking kid, Dave became a special addition to the group. There were not too many drummers who could sing lead and play the hell out of their drums without missing something, but Dave as able to handle this with proficiency. His voice was the third harmony in several tunes in performance and later would record "Bama Lama Bama Loo" solo on the Wailer's "Out Of Our Tree" LP. Dave stayed with the Wailers until the band called it a day in 1968/9 and later formed Sweet Roll with Ron Gardner. Dave retired from performing but still gets the drums out to play when the Regents get together for reunions. Today he is an in demand DJ performing corporate parties and countless private events." ... from The Fabulous Wailers website... with text and photo provided courtesy of Buck Ormsby and The Wailers.

"King Roland"... as Miriam "Leadfoot" Linna, Norton Records and drummer for the A-Bones, refers to Dave.

"A fine stylistic drummer"... Richard Rossiter describing Dave in August 1999.

"Never a hair out of place, never missed a beat"....  Stan Foreman, The Beachcombers.

"Take quite a bit of funny, some very bright, a dash of personable, mix with a bunch of ambition (piss and vinegar) and you have Dave.  I feel fortunate to have known him in my life." ...   Duane McCaslin, bassist for the Capris and the Bootmen.

"Dave Roland is a bass player's dream to work with.  His meter is accurate and unfaltering as any metronome, and yes, you can set your watch by him!  Plus, he is just a darn fine human being.  It's like he is the last of the old master craftsmen who did things right." ...  Ron Foos, bassist for the Sonics, City Zu, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and others August 2000.

"Hey Dave... pick up the freaking phone!" ... is usually what Sammy Carlson says into Dave's answering machine when he calls.

Contributors:   Buck Ormsby, Kent Morrill, Miriam Linna, Sammy Carlson, Richard AFKAD Rossiter, Stan Foreman, Dave Roland, Duane McCaslin, Sandy Weedman (photo of Dave with City Zu, 1981) and Ron Foos.

Last Update:    30 June 2002