Davis Band - 1978
The Davis Band
Seattle, Washington
1977 - 1979


Jim Baskett ~ Vocals
Doug Davis ~ Drums
Mark Davis ~ Bass
Rod Davis ~ Guitar, Saxophone
Paul Naylor ~ Vocals
Shalisa Naylor ~ Vocals
Ole Thomlinson ~ Keyboards

The Davis Band was formed July 1977 by Doug (drums), Mark (bass), and Rod Davis  (guitar, sax) , plus Jim Baskett (vocals), and Ed (keyboards).  Ed was replaced by Ole Tomlinson, and Jim Baskett was replaced by Paul and Shalisa Naylor.  The band worked for the Anderson Agency and Don Consola (rip) until 1980.  Mark and Doug Davis play today with the band called The Relics.

Doug Davis

Davis Band - 1979

The Davis Band in 1977

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Last Update: 4 April 2011
Credits:  Doug Davis
Band # 715