Daybreak - Photo Courtesy of Gwen Klein (Krum)
Bob Smith, Larry Hagen, Rick Starr, Rod Kinch
Chris Borg, Gwen Krom (now Gwen Klein), Gary Knight
AKA: West Coast Boys
Spokane, Washington
1969 - 1973


Chris Borg ~ Bass
Larry Hagen ~ Trombone
Jerry Hubert ~ Bass, Vocals
Rob Kinch ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Gary Knight ~ Trumpet
Gwen "Cookie" Krum  ~ Flute, Percussion, Vocals
Bob Smith ~  Guitar, Vocals
Brad Smith ~ Percussion, Vocals
Rick Starr ~ Drums
Steve Strange ~ Keyboards, Hammond M3

Virgil Smith ~ Manager
Cliff Berger ~ Booking Agent

Daybreak in 1969 - Courtesy of Steve Strange

I was a member of a Spokane rock group that played the Northwest area for about seven years.

We started in 1966 as The West Coast Boys, and then in 1969, we added a girl singer and changed our name to Daybreak.  We were voted the best rock group in Spokane, couple of years running.

We performed all thru the Inland Empire; at such spots as The Rock, Ratskellers, WSU, University of Idaho, Spokane Coliseum, Tiffany's, SCC, Canterbury west, U of Montana, Whitman College, etc.

Our booking agent was Virgil Smith and then later, Cliff Berger of Universal Systems Analysis in Spokane.

Steve Strange, July 2007

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Last Update:  14 March 2010
Credits:  Steve Strange, Gwen Klein (Krum), Chuck Burbank
Band #  2261