A New Days End
A New Days End
Formed from a later version of Days End
Parkland, Washington
1970 ~ 1972


Tim Alderman ~ Organ
Jim Bennett ~ Bass
Charlie Foster ~ Trombone
Craig Kelly ~ Drums
Mike Kelly ~ Trumpet
Ed Konschuh ~ Vocals
Doug Lewis ~ Bass
Greg Martin ~ Drums
Chris Menzel ~ Organ
Steve Merriam ~ Guitar
Steve Sarandos ~ Saxophone

A New Days End

"The Day's End" was a band started in 1968 by Don Torbet.  Don and all of the original members attended Franklin Pierce High near Tacoma, with the exception of Steve Garnett, who attended Mt. Tahoma, and Sheryl Edwards who attended Bethel H.S.

In 1970 a "new"  Day's End was formed with the permission of Don Torbet to use the name.

I am Greg Martin. Yes, the famous one. I currently reside in Eatonville, Washington.  Doug Lewis resides here as well.  We do perform together from time to time.

Greg Martin, November 2003

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Last Update:  1 November 2003
Credits: Craig Kelly, Ed Konschuh, Don Torbet, Greg Martin
Band # 625