Daystar - Image courtesy of Michelle Diers-Morales
Seattle, Washington
1977 - 1983


Fred Diers ~ Bass, Vocals
Dennis Dorr ~ Drums
Pete Gordon ~
Doyle Nye ~
Kevin Wallace ~ Guitar, Bass
Sheila Wallace ~ Keyboards, Vocals

Sheila Wallace played Keyboards, and sang. Sheila and Kevin met while she was in an all-girl band from Minnesota called "Kandy Shoppe".  They were married between the 2nd and 3rd sets at the "Sunshine Inn" in Ballard.  Daystar was kinda the "house band" there.

Sheila is pictured in the background in the above photo.

I later bought Sheila's "Kustom Tuck-n-roll" organ from her.

Chris Gundersen, July 2015

In Memory of

Kevin Wallace
Fred Diers

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Last Update:  18 July 2015
Credits:  Michelle Diers-Morales, Dennis Dorr, Chris Gundersen

Band # 1944