Daze of Nite - Photo Courtesy of Dale Turnbull
Jimmy Lineham, Randy Wirth, Benny Davis, Bruce Frohn & Steve Effinger - About 1968
Daze of Nite
Vancouver, Washington
1967 - 1969


Kim Brusco ~ Bass
Benny Davis ~ Vocals, Leader, Song Writer
Steve Effinger ~ Organ
Bill Fox ~ Drums
Bruce Frohn ~ Bass
John Graser ~ Drums
Jerry Keirnan ~ Hammond B3
Jimmy Lineham ~ Lead Guitar
Mike Thorn ~ Keyboards
Mark Sorger ~ Saxophone
John Wirth ~ Trumpet
Randy Wirth ~ Drums

In the above photo are Jimmy Lineham (the "Fly") on lead guitar, Randy Wirth on drums, Benny Davis singing, Bruce Frohn playing bass & Steve Effinger on the organ. Not in the picture was John Wirth (Randy's brother) on trumpet & Mark Sorger on saxophone.

Randy & Steve later left the band and were replaced by John Graser on drums & Jerry Keirnan on the Hammond B3 organ.

We played R&B all over the NW, mainly colleges, frat houses, high schools, some night clubs.   We played at Oregon State University the University of Oregon many times in the late 60's.   I have to wonder if the name for the band in the movie Animal House (Otis Day & the Knights) wasn't a twist on our R&B band name.

Bruce Frohn, October 2010

The Daze of Nite from Vancouver performing at Roseburg High in 1969 at a Christmas Ball.

Colton Thomas, March 2013

Daze of Nite - Photo Courtesy of  Martin Ulstein

I remember when the Daze of Nite opened up for the James Gang at the Salem Oregon Armory.  Jimi is a fantastic guitar player. He can play Hendrix perfect. He can play anything.

Martin Ulstein, August 2015

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Credits: Dale Turnbull, Carol Aldrich, Sam Triplett, Katherine Ross, Bruce Frohn, Colton Thomas
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