Linda G., Gary, Dave, Scott & Linda W.
Seattle, Washington
1978 - 1980


Linda Gering ~ Violin, Vocals
Dave "Marvin Gardens" Grixoni ~ Bass, Vocals
Gary McKinney ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jamie Reno ~ Drums
Scott Stine ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Vogt ~ Guitar, Vocals
Linda Wood ~ Drums, Vocals

Dazzle formed from the ashes of a band called Strokin'.  Dazzle was based in Seattle and played the Seattle/Tacoma area, including many gigs at Captain Nemo's in Tacoma from late 1978 through early 1980.

Jamie Reno played drums in the popular Whatcom/Skagit County band Wet Paint. Wet Paint would eventually morph into Eddie and the Atlantics before becoming, simply, The Atlantics. The Atlantics are still playing.

Linda Wood also played in Kid Chrysler and the Cruisers, a band from which Randy Hanson's "Tribute to Jimi Hendrix" arose.

Dazzle was booked through Susie Ballman and the Stephan Agency.

Gary McKinney, December 2001

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Last Update: 28 January 2006
Credits:  Gary McKinney
Band # 703