Jim, Don, Rob, Sonny, Max
Deep Summer
Tacoma, Washington
1968 - 1974


Jim Adams ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rob Hampton ~ Guitar
Ron Jansen ~ Drums
Steve Knightlinger ~ Drums, Vocals
Max Mitchell ~ Drums
Bob Rittenhouse ~ Bass, Vocals
Jerry Rosengren ~ Bass
Don Sanders ~ Bass, Vocals
Sonny Schaaf ~ Keyboards
Scott Templeman ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Mike VerValin ~ Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Vocals
Jerry Wainhouse ~ Drums, Vocals
Dennis Wilson ~ Drums
Keith Wohlford ~ Bass

In Memory of

Max Mitchell

Deep Summer - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams
Deep Summer - August 1968

Here are original photos of "Deep Summer" at the outset (August 1968)   Pictured are Jim Adams, Bob Rittenhouse, Scott Templeman, and Steve Knightlinger

Jim Adams, December 2005

Deep Summer - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams
Deep Summer - Winter 1969
This was one of our "official" photos used for the newspaper ad in the Seattle Post Intelligencer in early winter 1969 when we played at "The Happening" backing up "Merilee & the Turnabouts".  Pictured are myself, Scott Templeman, Steve Knightlinger, and Keith Wohlford.

Jim Adams, December 2005

Mike VerValin, Ron Jansen, Bob Rittenhouse and Jim Adams performing at Mr. Buffino's in South Tacoma in early 1970's.
Photo Courtesy of Ron Jansen
The group "Deep Summer" originated in the summer of 1968. The original members were: Jim Adams, Bob Rittenhouse, Scott Templeman , and Steve Knightlinger.  The group enjoyed much success in the Puget Sound area right off the bat.

We played: The Happening in Seattle (*three times), opened for Merillee & Turnabouts twice - Tiny Tony and International. Brick once.  We also played The UPS Field house with Merrilee!   Bob was drafted in the early
winter of 1969 and was replaced by Keith Wohlford ("the Wolfman" * see Bards, Appaloosa, Lucky Pierre, Fabulous Cyclones); Keith was later replaced by Jerry Rosengren on Bass. Dennis Wilson took over on drums in 1969 also.

I have an old clipping from the Tacoma News Tribune showing the band in late Spring '69. The original "Deep Summer" played psychedelic and heavy top 40 covers (Steppenwolf, Chambers Bros., Iron Butterfly, Hendrix, Cream, etc.)

The group evolved into a top 40 lounge trio in the early 1970's with Jim Adams, Mike VerValin, and Max Mitchell or Ron Jansen . The 1973 version (5 piece) shown currently was an attempt to be a top 40 regionally touring act. This lasted until early 1974.

Jim Adams, August 2002

Deep Summer 70-72 - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams
Deep Summer 70-72 (The Trio)  - Photo Courtesy of Jim Adams

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Credits: Sonny Schaaf, Ron Jansen, Jim Adams, Max Mitchell, Malone Schwartz
Band # 596