The Deltas - Photo courtesy of Bill McNeill
The Deltas at Cleveland High School, Portland, OR in 1962.
Bill McNeill, Fred Krebs, Bud Molinari, John Dahl, & Larry Warner
The Deltas
AKA:  Aesop and The Fables
Portland Oregon
1961 - 1963


John Dahl ~ Bass
Dave Gilbaugh ~ Guitar
Mike Imeson ~ Bass
Paul Jones ~ Drums
Fred Krebs ~ Guitar
Bill McNeill ~ Drums
Vincent "Bud" Molinari ~ Vocals
Pete Ouellette ~ Guitar
Larry Warner ~ Keyboards

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In Memory of

Vincent Molinari

The Deltas in 1961- Courtesy of Dave Gilbaugh

In the late 50’s Bud played with “The Highlanders”, a Kingston Trio cover band.  From 1961 to 1963 he was lead singer with “The Deltas”.  They changed their name to “Aesop and the Fables” in 1963.  Also in the band were Bill McNeil on his mother’s Hammond B3, and John Dahl on bass.  Bud passed away in September of 2004.
Stew Dodge, Stew Dodge Sound, October 2005

The Deltas started as an instrumental band in 1962, led by by Dave Gilbaugh and Fred Krebs.  Dave and Fred both played guitar.  I was a neighbor of Dave's and joined them on drums. Later that year, we added Larry Warner on keyboards and John Dahl joined us on bass.

Dave subsequently left the band and Vincent (Bud) Molinari became our lead singer. We played several gigs at the Headless Horseman and The Chase, as well as high school dances and partys.  We also played dances at Pat's Acres in Canby during the summers. Fred left the band, and Pierre (Pete) Ouellette joined us on lead guitar.  In 1963 we changed our name to Aesop and the Fables.

Bill McNeill, Pittsburgh, PA.  September, 2006

In 1963, The Deltas changed their name to Aesop and the Fables.  Members were:  Pierre (Pete) Ouellette, lead guitar, Larry Warner, keyboards, John Dahl, bass, Bill McNeill, drums, and Vincent (Bud) Molinari, lead vocals.

Bill McNeill, September 2006

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Credits:  Stew Dodge, Bill McNeill, Paul Jones, Dave Gilbaugh
Band # 1917