Dain, Keith, Denny, Ray
Denny Regrade
AKA:  Aurora Fly Boys
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1979


Joe Abelson ~ Bass
Dain Butcher ~ Guitar
Doug Isbell ~ Drums
Ken McGill ~ Guitar
Keith Nordquist ~ Bass, Saxophone, Vocals
Denny Nyhagan ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ray Sage ~ Drums
Rich Sysinger ~ Guitar
Darral Ulsky ~ Drums
Ron Woods ~ Drums

Keith and Denny

The Denny Regrade (aka Aurora Fly Boys) 1974-1977 performed around the Puget Sound and Canada playing a wide range of covers and many original songs.  Members included: Denny Nyhagan,Keith Nordquist, Darral Ulsky, Doug Isbell, Ray Sage, Dain Butcher, Ken McGill, and RThe Dennis Mitchell Bandich Sysinger.

Keith Nordquist, November 2002

I was the bass player for the Denny Regrade during the band's 1978-1979 incarnation.  I moved to Seattle in 1978 and got a job at the same company where Ken McGill had his “day gig”.  He invited me to practice with the reforming Regrade and we stayed more or less together through 1979, playing fairly regularly around Pioneer Square and at other venues in Seattle.

Joe Abelson, July 2006

Keith, Denny and Ray
Ken, Doug and Keith -  2000

Denny Regrade - Photo courtesy of Joe Abelson
  Ron Woods, Denny Nyhagen, Joe Abelson, Ken McGill - About January 1979

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Last Update: 31 July 2006
Credits:  Keith Nordquist, Joe Abelson
Band # 1082