Diamond Rio - Photo Courtesy of Bob McGraw
Diamond Rio
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1978


Michael Chadderton ~ Keyboards, Vocals (1977)
Greg Del Arroyo ~ Percussion
Mike Cleek ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Ericson ~ Bass
Patricia Lee  ~ Vocals
Bob McGraw ~ Guitar
Billy Moss ~ Drums, Vocals
Kevin Norris ~ Keyboards (1978)
Bobby Red ~ Congas
Murl Allen Sanders ~ Keyboards, Vocals (1977)
Hugo Taylor ~ Bass, Vocals

Big Bob Grove ~ Manager
Patrick ? - Sound

In Memory of

Jerry Erickson

Click Here to Listen to "South Sea Samba" By Diamond Rio

Diamond Rio evolved from the earlier band, Smack, and was an original/top 40 band

Hugo Taylor, Michael Chadderton
Miguel Cleek, Greg Del Arroyo
Willis Moss
Diamond Rio - 1977

Greg Del Arroyo and myself needed to make some money so we put our original band, Ankora, to rest.

In 1977, we were approached by Willis and Miguel to join their Soulful Top 40 band.  Miguel Cleek has got to be one of the tastiest guitar players that emerged out of the NW.

The band had huge energy, specially when Patricia Lee hit the stage.  We were hailed as heroes in Longview, WA... could do no wrong.  A very funny band.

We almost got a recording contract since we played a few originals that the audience cherished.  When asked by the record producer what our goals were, Miguel Cleek responded "To go solo, of course!"

Hugo Taylor, October 2011

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Credits: Bob McGraw, Hugo Taylor
Band # 1548