Dick Twacy - Photo Courtesy of Alan Burns
Andy, Kevin, Tommy, Eddie
Dick Twacy
British Columbia
About Late 70's - Early 80's

Gary Anderson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Michael Cawkwell ~ Vocals
Andy Geluk ~ Bass
Eddie Johnson ~ Drums, Vocals
Tom Reedy ~ Keyboards
Kevin Starr ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Tom Reedy

Dick Twacy - Original Lineup Pre-1980 - photo courtesy of Gary Anderson
Dick Twacy - Original Lineup Pre-1980
Kevin Starr, Andy Geluk, Michael Cawkwell, Ed Johnson and Gary Anderson

I met my wife at a gig where I auditioned with these guys live in Whistler to replace Tommy (getting frisked in the promo shot).  He was leaving, but sadly he died in a bad accident and was never replaced, bringing to an end this great band. They are friends and were the prime influence in my forming. " The Need".

Gregg Danton, March 2005

Dick Twacy was the best band a person could play with. I know because I was the drummer. Not only did we have great times together, we became brothers. I am still playing and would have gave it up long ago if it hadn't been for all the great friends I have met over the years.

To my friends I say Cheers!   And to the people that had a bad attitude over the years.....Life is too short, so .........

Ed Johnson, October 2009

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Last Update:  5 October 2009
Credits:  Alan Burns, Gregg Danton, Gary Anderson, Kevin Berry, Ed Johnson
Band # 1536