Dillinger - Photo Courtesy of Joe Brown
Lloyd, Steve E, Joe, Bruce
Seattle, Washington
1976 - 1979


Joe Brown ~ Bass, Vocals
 Steve Erickson ~ Guitar
Bruce Malmberg ~ Keys, Guitar, Vocals
Lloyd Poole ~ Drums  Vocals
Steve "Sarge" Stransky ~  Saxophone, Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Mark Hibbard ~ Sound


In Memory of

Bruce Malmberg
Steve "Sarge" Stransky
b:  31 December 1950  -  d:  9 February 2012

Joe, Lloyd, Steve E

Dillinger:  A 70’s Rock Band with strong Beatles, Stones, Who, Anthem Rock, influences

Dillinger was started by Steve Erickson & Joe Brown who had played together in a few club bands in the early 70’s.  The band performed a combination of rearranged covers complemented with original material, mostly written by Erickson who was a very prolific songwriter and strong lyricist, with some arrangement work by Brown.  Rounding out the band was Lloyd Pool on Drums and vocals & Bruce Malmberg on Keys, Guitar & vocals.  The band became a significantly stronger act with the addition of Steve Stransky taking the front position on lead vocals and sax (eventually adding backup keys, harp, & guitar).  Mark Hibbard ran sound (and added much fun to the band).

This 5 piece band worked fairly frequently, mostly in the PNW & Vancouver BC, in clubs and some college events.

Joe Brown, March 2005

Steve Stransky:  Born in Bellingham, raised in Chula Vista CA, where he formed the 1st wave style band "The Leaves of Grass", in '65.  He relocated to Seattle/Everett in 1971, formed Country Rock band "Stumblin" Gold" in 73, went on to play with 4 versions of that band and then joined Seattle/Tacoma, road band "Canon" with Amy Canon and John Lucas.  When Canon broke up Steve responded to an add in the seattle times for a '"Frontman" opportunity, and auditioned for Dillinger, was hired and out on the road in about a week...

Steve later played in The Bad Bees, with Bruce Malmberg, Tight Shoes With Steve Erickson and Lloyd Poole, Get Back, with Mike Firus, Hugo Taylor and Steve Lee... an original act named "Strange Syrkas" who signed with Seattle's C&M records, also Rudy and the Tubeshakers and now plays with The Phantoms Blues Band.

Steve Stransky, May 2005

Dillinger - Photo Courtesy of Joe Brown
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: LeShimmer Floyd Rose COR, Dave Irish Band, Tight Shoes, Twin Stevens Heartbeat, Phantoms Blues, Cheeseburger Deluxe, Good Old Boys, Bad BeesGet Back, Rudy and the Tubeshakers, Circus, KG3 and many other NW bands.

Dillinger - Photo Courtesy of Joe Brown
Steve Stransky

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Last Update:  9 February 2012
Credits:  Joe Brown, Steve Stransky, Joe Brown, Hugo Taylor
Band # 1703