Diminishing Faculties
Spokane, Washington
1995 -


Sam Brasch ~ Bass
Bill Donley ~ Guitar, Vocals
Scott Finney ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Kramer ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jack Strand ~ Drums

Others who filled in over the years:

John Benham ~ Bass
Clint Donley ~ Vocals
Jim Finley ~ Guitar, Vocals
Debbie Kyle ~ Drums, Keyboards
Grace Leaf ~ Bass
Mike Lynch ~ Bass
Steve Ward ~ Guitar

The group formed in 1995 to play at a faculty gathering to start the new school year at Spokane Community College, in Spokane, Washington.  The members were all teachers at the college.  Between 1995 and my retirement in 2009, we played at taverns and private parties, but we had the most fun playing several times a year for the visiting Japanese students from Osaka.  We privately released two CD's of classic rock and some originals.

Bill Donley, February 2013

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members and crew of this group include:  The Misfits, The Lost Children, LSD & The Adicts, The Eclipses aka: Versatiles, and many other NW bands

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Last Update:   5 February 2013
Credits:  William Donley
Band # 3061