Image of Record Jacket Courtesy of Eric Swedberg
Astoria, Oregon
1967 ~ 1970


Roger Everett ~ GUitar, Vocals
Geno Faust ~ Drums, Vocals
Steve Kernes ~ Bass
Steven R. Mathre ~ Vocals
Al Nelson ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Thomas C. Stangland ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Geno Faust
d:  14 February 2009

disraeli - Photo Courtesy of Sandy Weedman
Photo Courtesy of Sandy Weedman

The band always used the lower case 'd' in the name disraeli.  We were a band from 1967 to 1970.  We traveled throughout WA and OR and wrote and recorded several songs.  The records were released in the NW and were on the charts.  Additionally, we have an album completely recorded, but never released.

Steve Mathre - Steve was known as "Mathe".  He was the lead songer and co-wrote most of our music with Tom Stangland.  Currently, Mathe is a postman in Astoria, OR.

Tom Stangland - lead guitar.  Tom co-wrote most of the music with Mathe. Tom sang harmony.  Today Tom is a music publisher living in Portland. OR.

Gene "Geno" Faust - was our drummer and sang harmony.  Geno lives in Portland and works for United Grocers.

Al Nelson - sax and vocals.  Al currently lives in Corpus Christi, TX, and is a foreman in a Coke bottling plant.

Roger Everett - rhythm guitar and sang harmony.  Roger is a parole and probation officer in Hillsboro, OR.

Steve Kernes - bass guitar.  He served as an elected sheriff for 11 years and recently retired form the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Georgia.  He now lives in Port Angeles, WA and winters in Yuma, AZ.

Steve Kernes, February 2003


Tomorrow's Day / Humidity 105
What Will The New Day Bring? / Spinnin' Round
Say You Love Me / I've Seen Her One Time
The Lonely One / You Can't Do That

No exact dates of recording is recalled, but I remember the first single early fall 1967.  Number 2 was early 1968, in stereo with a color picture sleeve.  The 3rd single was out in late 1968 - early 1969. 

The band broke up in 1969 and reunited spring 1970 for the last single.   "You Can't Do That" is Lennon - McCartney, all others were by Mathre - Stangland.

One remarkable aspect of the group is that they financed their effort by incorporating and selling shares on the stockmarket.

Eric Swedberg, 10 February 2003

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11 December 2013
Credits:   Darryl Riffero, Sandy Weedman, Jim Furnish, Alice Olsen, Steve Kernes, Eric Swedberg, Tommy Faust
Band # 526