Northwest Dance Venues

The District Tavern
University District
Seattle, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Everyday People
Jimmy Page


Others  ?


“Paul Delaney and Everyday People” played there many times. At one point, we were the #1 draw there.

Jim Rigor and Sonny Booker were the owners. Sonny, who played trumpet, even played on one of our albums. Great memories.

Glenn Miranda, March 2018

The District Tavern,  Seattle/U-District (72-73), formerly the Auto Ranch in what looked like an old A&P.   Auto Ranch carried such makes as Auto-Union & DKW.

The District's thing was all the Heidelberg beer you could drink for your $2 cover charge.

Jim Page used to get up on stage during the "headliner's" breaks.   It later became Tubs Seattle

Marty, 2011

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Last Update:  28 March 2018
Credits:  Marty, Glenn Miranda