Doily Brothers
Vashon Island, Washington
1970's - Present


Brett Bachaus ~ Drums
Scotty Johnson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Spakowsky ~ Bass, Vocals
Michael Spakowsky ~ Guitar, Vocals


Michelle Bodery ~ ?
Danny Cadman ~ ?
Donny Cadman ~ ?
Dave Conant ~ Guitar
Authur George Dunn III ~ ?
Richard Frombach ~ Bass
Donna Monday ~
Tony Ortega ~ Drums
Thom Peck ~ Vocals
Steve Self ~ Saxophone, Harp, Flute
Devon Stair ~
Alan Todo ~
Jerry Todo ~ Guitar, Vocals
Randy Web  ~

Roadies and Crew

Chris Browne ~ Roadie
Morgan Snyder ~ Roadie

In Memory of

Dave Conant

The Doily Brothers in 1984

The Doily Brothers were from Vashon Island and formed around 1970 and are still gigging under the same name.

Steve Hudziak, August 2007

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