Doogy - Photo courtesy of Rojer Blaine
Chris, Kevin, Fast John, Rojer
Portland, Oregon
1971 -1975


Chris Sessions ~ Drums
John Weaver ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kevin McKinley ~ Electric Piano, Vocals
Rojer Blaine ~ Bass, Vocals

Doogy at Shot at Summer Festival, 1973 - Photo by Lloyd Phillips
Doogy at Summer Festival, 1973 - Photo by and courtesy of  Lloyd Phillips

This is one of my favorite pictures of the band. Shot at Summer Festival '73, held at the Portland international Raceway on August 12th.  I was photographing for Rudy Abrahamsz of Brothers & Friends when Rojer Blaine of Doogy introduced himself and asked me to snap some pictures of his band. I became their photographer and we've been friends ever since. That initial contact with Rojer opened the opportunity to photograph many Northwest bands, spend time as a published music critic, and eventually form bands of my own.

Lloyd N Phillips, August 20, 2006

I am trying to contact members and road crew of the Portland band, "DOOGY" [1971-1975]... Chris, Fast John, Kevin, Perkie, Dave, Jerry, Froggie, Surfer Ken, Rand, Strong Bear, Callahan, Big Frank, Rusty, Big Bob, Rodeo and anyone else who remembers that crazy time. Where are you now?

Rojer Blaine, October 2003

DOOGY was an all original 4-piece band from Portland who played OR, WA ,ID, and MT from 1972 -1975.  Members were Kevin McKinley, John Weaver, Rojer Blaine, and Chris Sessions.   We were playing clubs, dances, colleges, and concerts.  We wrote our own music and opened shows for T-Rex, High Voltage, Albert Collins and Fleetwood Mac. Our Infamous Road Crew included at one time or another: Callahan, Big Frank, Froggy, Perkie, Conklin, Rand, Surfer Ken, Jerry the Goon, Whitey, Strong Bear, Rodeo and Big Bob. We had great fun, fought like brothers and partied till we puked.

Rojer Blaine, January 2006

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Credits: Rojer Blaine, Lloyd Phillips
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