Vancouver, British Columbia
1977 - 1983
1990's - Present


Original line-up

Don Cummings ~ Bass
Jerry Doucette ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Robbie King ~ Organ, Piano, Vocals
Duris Maxwell ~ Drums
Brent Shindell ~ Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

Later line-up

Jimmy Butler ~ Guitar
Jerry Doucette ~ Guitars, Vocals
Ira Hirschel ~ Keyboards
Keith Jones ~ Drums
Mark Olson ~ Keyboards
Bill Wake ~ Drums

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Jerry Doucette came to Vancouver with the band Abernathy Shagnaster. He liked the west coast scene and decided to stay. At first he played in Alexis Radlin's band, though not on her LP. After Radlin decided to move, Doucette joined up with The Seeds of Time, whom would evolve within months into the Rocket Norton Band. Here he shared the spotlight with Rick Enns.

The next step was a solo career. Mushroom records were so impressed with his demos that he was signed to a multi record deal. His first album contained the Canadian smash hit "Mama Let Him Play" and made the album a best seller. His second album, "The Douce Is Loose" had a couple of hit singles, but nothing to compare with the first. Meanwhile, Mushroom records was falling apart.

After some time,. Jerry Doucette finds a home on Reo Records where he released "Coming Up Roses" in the early 1980s. Not finding the success he had in the 70's, his recording days seem numbered. Doucette is currently playing the oldies circuit along with Loverboy, Chilliwack, Trooper, and several other vintage Vancouver groups.

Roger Stomperud, bass with Solid Citizens, April 2004

My sister, Alexis, moved to Vancouver when she was in her early 20s, then to Toronto in the 80's and passed away there February 28 2001.

Eric Radlin, February 2011

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Last Update:  28 February 2011
Credits: Roger Stomperud, Keith Jones, Eric Radlin
Band # 1639