Ted, John, Steve, Wally, Simon, Richard
Doug and the Slugs
Vancouver, British Columbia
1977 - Present


Richard Baker ~ Guitar
Steve Bosley ~ Bass
John Burton ~ Guitar
Ted Okos ~ Vocals
Simon Kendall ~ Keyboards
John "Wally" Watson ~ Drums


Doug Bennett ~ Vocals
Vince Ditrich ~ Drums
Chris Murray Driver ~ Drums, Vocals
John Ellis ~ Guitar
Marc Gladstone ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Doug Grant ~ Drums
Darrell Havers ~ Keyboards
Dennis Henderson ~ Bass
Tony Jenks  ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ted Laturnus ~ Drums
Elio Martelli ~ Guitar, Vocals
Larry McGillivray ~ Drums
Drew Neville ~ Keyboards
Al Rodger ~ Guitar
Pat Steward ~ Drums
Jay Wittur ~ Bass, Vocals


Mikie Dube ~ Lights, Drum Tech

Doug and the Slugs Website

Doug and the Slugs - Photo Courtesy of Exposure Entertainment

In Memory of

Doug Bennett
b:  31 October 1951 - d: 16 October 2004

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Credits: Carolyn Chycoski, Doug and the Slugs Website, Tony Jenks, Larry McGillivray, Dan Dube

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