Photo courtesy of Bob Crummett, September 2010
Douglas Fir
aka:  The Sun Trio
Beaverton, Oregon
1967 ~ 1970


Bruce Bye ~ Bass
Tim Doyle ~ Keyboards
Richie Moore ~ Guitar
Douglas Snider ~ Drums

Photo courtesy of Bob Crummett, September 2010

Image Courtesy of Ron Reedy

Douglas Fir's album Hard Heartsingin', was released – around 1970 – on Quad Records, a subsidiary of MGM Records.

Ernie Fetsch was co-producer and a good friend of mine.

Bob Crummett, September 2010

I went to school with some of those guys...  Hillsboro High

Ron Reedy, April 2011.

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Credits:  Max Waller, Bob Crummett, Ron Reedy
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