The Downbeats in 1970 - Photo courtesy of Denis Thievin
Lloyd Shingoose, Doug MacFarlane, Terry Broste, Denis Thievin
Bill Kolter
The Downbeats
AKA:  The Canadian Downbeats
Vancouver, British Columbia
1968 - 1971


Terry Broste ~ Bass, Vocals
Murray Flotre ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Bill Kolter ~ Vocals
Fred Krammer ~ Drums
Doug MacFarlane ~ Drums
Terry Milton ~ Saxophone
Innes Munro ~ Drums
George Patterson ~ Keyboards
Mike Ring ~ Drums
Lloyd Shingoose ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Doug Soeder ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Denis Thievin ~ Keyboards, Vocals

In Memory of

Terry Broste
Mike Ring
Lloyd Shingoose
Innes Munro

"We were originally from the Canadian prairies, but we worked a lot in the Pacific Northwest. Some places I recall were Seaside and Portland in Oregon, and Aberdeen and Tri-Cities in Washington. Hey, all that really mattered was hot chicks and good times – and there were many.

We probably thought we'd live forever. We also thought we were a pretty hot band. Both ideas, of course, were complete bullshit.  I remember seeing Burgundy Express in Hawaii, and they were incredible.  The precise Downbeats group as pictured above, with our faggy coifs and matching uniforms, were together for about three years – a near record. And like many of the musicians appearing on this site, not all of us are still around to talk about those days.  Terry Broste was killed tragically in a small plane crash in the mid '70s.  Lloyd Shingoose died of complications of colon cancer in 2001.  Bill Kolter lives in Penticton, BC.  Doug MacFarlane is in Winnipeg.  I'm on Quadra Island on the Canadian west coast.

In retrospect, the entire era of early North American bandhood was a life beyond belief. Oh, but to return!  Of course the beautiful young women have matured with the rest of us. The clubs are all gone or they've changed faces and names so many times that we can't find them. Most of us still have home libraries stocked with Chicago, Bread, Tower, Sly, and the like – all tunes that could actually be hummed, unlike many of the tunes today.

And while we might look very different today, we still know stuff that a lot of other people do not."

Denis Thievin, April 2006, July 2010

Canadian Downbeats - Image courtesy of Murray Flotre
In a recent note to Sammy the Web Slave, Denis writes:  "I'm sure you hear this all the time, but it's amazing the number of people who've found members of our group through the PNB site.  I hear from them fairly regularly.  So thanks a million for that."

Denis Thievin, November 2007

Web Slave's Reply:  Yes, Denis.  I hear it quite a bit and those words about old friend finding old friends through this website makes all this work worth the effort and time expended on this project.  Thank you, Denis.

Now that we are getting all the old band members back together, we need to start rocking the NW again as we did so many years ago.

Sammy Carlson, PNWBands Web Slave and The Regents (Tacoma),
Thanksgiving Day, Bagram, Afghanistan, 2007

I played in The Canadian Downbeats just before Denis.  He and Doug MacFarlane replaced Doug Soeder and Mike Ring, respectively.  I played rhythm guitar.  Attached is a photo of the group when I was with them.

You have a great website for musicians and fans looking for their groups.  Keep up the good work.

Murray Flotre MD, February 2008


Photo provided courtesy of Archie Hodgins
Photo provided courtesy of Archie Hodgins

Photo provided courtesy of Archie Hodgins

Photo provided courtesy of Archie Hodgins and Denis Thievin

Photo Courtesy of Archie Hodgins
The above white Mustang belonged to Doug.   Photo provided courtesy of Archie Hodgins

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Credits: Denis Thievin, Murray Floatre, Archie Hodgins, Fred Krammer
Band # 1942