The Drastics - AKA THe Sonics- Photo Courtesy of Ken Raby
Pete, Roger, Ken, John, David
The Drastics
AKA:  Kenny and The Drastics
AKA:  The Sonics
Marysville, Washington
1962 - 1963


John Bingaman ~ Drums
David Raby ~ Organ
Ken Raby ~ Bass, Vocals
Pete Stroem ~ Guitar
Roger Wilcoxen ~ Saxophone, Vocals

In Memory of

David Raby
1944 - 2004

We were previously called "The Sonics" but had to change when another group released something under that name.

We were active for two years during 1962-63.   I was the bass player and the voice on our recording Smok Smok, a novelty tune.

David Raby, my brother, was the organ player and John Bingaman, the drummer.  David and I were in high school in Marysville at the time.  Other band members were from Everett and Monroe.  Most of our playing took place in the area north of Seattle.

Ken Raby, September 2003

The picture of group was taken at Lundeen's Park Upper Ballroom on Lake Stevens, WA  in the summer of 1963. We had booked 10 of the available 12 weekends that summer.  Top turnout was 605 kids at $1.00 a head.

The Band's trademark antic was all members of band trading instruments for 2 or 3 tunes.  Drummer played bass, Guitar played drums, Sax played Keyboard etc.

Those were Gold jackets we wore,  just like Elvis had !!  Check the single color projector spot light and one mike for the Sax and vocals. No fancy stuff back then..  and we really had a great time.

John Bingaman, September 2003

I was just checking out the information on The Drastics and lo and behold, I see Peter Stroem's name. What a surprise!  I played with Pete in the band Pitchblende.

Darryl Riffero, October 2003

Bolo Recording Artists
"Smok Smok"

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Credits: Darryl Riffero, Ken Raby, John Bingaman

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