Photo Courtesy of Terry Blevins
David Brown, Jim Mills, Greg Peterson
Greg Clarke, Stew Dodge, Jim Seafeldt

Dr. Corn’s Bluegrass Remedy
Portland, Oregon
1971 - Present

David Brown ~ Guitar, Vocals
Greg Clarke ~ Mandolin, Vocals
Stew Dodge ~ Violin, Dobro
Don Latshaw ~ Bass
Jim Mills ~ Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Greg Peterson ~ Bass
Peter Schwimmer ~ Banjo
Jim Seafeldt ~ Guitar, Vocals

Others ?

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This "Dr. Corn, 2008" photo was taken by me in July 2008 from 'way out in the audience, and unfortunately (having been out of the Northwest music loop for 35 years), I can't identify the bass player at center. The others are Stew Dodge, fiddle, and Greg Clarke, mandolin/vocals (at left), and Jim Seafeldt, guitar/vocals, and Peter Schwimmer, banjo (at right).

Terry Blevins, June 2009

I picked up the bluegrass remedy album somewhere about 15 years ago. I believe it was in a free pile, if you can believe.  The album is fantastic and in excellent condition.  The special thing, it has an autographed note on the cover, “To Pat, hope you like the album,” signed Jim Mills, then signed by Stew Dodge, Jim Seafeldt and Larry White.

Anonymous, December 2012

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